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Why Homeowners?

First,  because homeowners is the best valued insurance product on the market  covering most families largest asset.  It provides property, loss of  rent, liability, *workers comp, equipment breakdown, and much more.  You  can even schedule coverage for artwork, jewelry, etc.

Higher Deductibles mean cheap insurance?

Typical homeowners insurance  policy includes the standard, fixed-dollar amount deductible that you pay out of  pocket when you file a claim for a covered loss. A standard homeowners  insurance policy deductible is usually in the range of $500 to $2,000,  although lower and higher deductible home insurance plans are also  common.

Dollar  amount deductibles work like this: if your deductible is $1,000 and you  file a roof claim totaling $6,500 in damages, you pay the first $1,000  of the repair costs out of pocket before your insurance company sends  you a check for the remaining $5,500.


Of  course, there are ways to reduce your premiums beyond choosing a higher  deductible. There are plenty of available discounts, like bundling your homeowners policy with your auto policies, autopay discounts and many others. You can learn more about what affects your homeowners insurance cost here and how to lower those rates if they go up.

To determine what deductible amount is best for you, give our agency a call  We give you unbiased advice and help you weigh the costs and benefits of high vs low-deductible policies.


Homeowners vs Dwelling Fire?

Homeowners insurance is  for private homes and requires at least one of the named insureds 

occupies the home. A Dwelling (DP) policy is similar but used  for residences which don't qualify for a homeowners policy for various  reasons (ie. vacancy, non-owner occupied, seasonal, secondary residence,  age, etc.).  

What is Builders Risk?

Insures  your interest in materials, fixtures and/or equipment being used during  the construction or renovation of a building or structure.    


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